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26 Aug 2011

2011 Student Scholarship Award

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Spuncast Student Scholarship 2011 Award Winner

Don Payne, President of Spuncast, announced the award on Friday, August 26, 2011 to Stephan Skibinski. Skibinski, a 2011 graduate of Watertown High School, will be attending the Milwaukee School of Engineering starting next month.

Payne described the scholarship as an annual award going to students who are enrolled in 2-year or 4-year technical academic programs that are of direct importance to Spuncast and the foundry industry. Two-year Associate Degree programs include Machining (CNC machining, Computer Aided Manufacturing) and Industrial Maintenance. Four-Year Bachelor Degree programs would include Mechanical Engineering, Metallurgical Engineering, Materials Science, Manufacturing and Industrial Engineering. The scholarship renews each year for two years for an Associate Degree and for four years for a Bachelor Degree. In addition, employment at Spuncast during winter and summer breaks is part of the award. Maintenance of a minimum grade point average is a requirement for continued renewal. Skibinski will be awarded $4000 each year for his four year pursuit of a degree in Mechanical Engineering.

Spuncast Student Scholarship 2011 Award
Stephan Skibinski with Don Payne

During his years at Watertown High School, Skibinski participated in SkillsUSA, a competitive, team-oriented national program for students interested in manufacturing and related engineering. His team place 1st in Wisconsin in Automated Manufacturing and 10th nationally. He is also a member of National Honor Society and the Varsity Tennis team. He is the son of Glen and Tricia Skibinski of Watertown.