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Centrifugal Capabilities

Metal Manufacturing Capabilities of Supreme Value

Metal Manufacturing Capabilities of Supreme Value

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Customers in an array of markets count on Spuncast for consistency and reliability across a full range of metal manufacturing capabilities.

Based on our record since 1976, when you turn to us as your centrifugal casting manufacturer today, you can be confident in on-spec product quality, short lead times, on-time delivery and superior service. It all adds up to the highest overall value in the industry.

Discover more about our capabilities.

Centrifugal Casting

Proven expertise in providing dense, pure, tough metal products. Learn More

Heat Treating

Advanced, in-house equipment to impart the properties your part needs. Learn More

CNC Machining

Long bed lathes, turret lathes, deep hole boring and other precision services. Learn More

Metallurgical Expertise

Technical knowledge and experience that ensure your part meets exacting standards. Learn More


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An Array of Centrifugal Casting Products

Spuncast provides hydraulic cylinders, accumulators and other tough parts with the quality, performance characteristics and on-time delivery you can count on. More