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Heat Treating

Heat Treating to Your Precise Requirements

Heat Treating to Your Precise Requirements


Spuncast’s advanced, in-house steel heat treating facility helps meet your specified requirements while shortening your supply chain.

Equipped with calibrated high-temperature furnaces optimized via SteCal® control software, our heat treating expertise and capabilities deliver repeatable tensile and grain structure results time after time.

High Velocity Quench System

Long cylindrical castings pose special problems in quench – simply by virtue of their geometry. To address this, our quench facility is designed specifically for tubular parts.

The Spuncast High Velocity Quench System sends a rapid stream of quench fluid through the bore of the casting, while simultaneously quenching the O.D. (outside diameter) with high volumes of fluid.

THE RESULT: Severe service applications, such as hydraulic cylinders, are produced with virtually no part-to-part variation.


Alloy Guide

Learn more about the alloys we work with – from stainless steel to nickel to cobalt. More