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Centrifugally Cast Components for Defense

Centrifugally Cast Components for Defense


The world’s leading manufacturers of equipment for defense applications turn to Spuncast for the highest-quality centrifugally cast parts. Whether used in ground vehicles, Navy vessels or ordnance, Spuncast parts add quality, durability and reliability to the end product.

  • Track vehicles – High-strength, low-alloy steel wear plates for road wheels, providing solutions for flatness and wear problems
  • Surface vessels and submarines – Duplex stainless steel hydraulic accumulator bodies and hatch components made for submarines, as well as hydraulic cylinders for use on surface ships, all meeting stringent NAVSEA regulations

Missile Components Meet Exacting Specifications

Centrifugal casting offers a high degree of quality to ordnance missile and weaponry components, exceeding tough specifications. Spuncast material regularly exceeds applicable NAVAIR, MIL and AMS standards. Additionally, Spuncast is capable of working to exacting MIL-STV-45208, MIL-STD-45208 quality standards and MIL-H-6875 heat treat standard.


ISO 9001: 2008 Certified

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