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Energy & Power Generation Equipment Parts

Energy & Power Generation Equipment Parts


With the right supplier on your side, today’s advanced centrifugal casting techniques provide optimal results for a multitude of energy and power generation components.

Spuncast works with companies in conventional coal-fired power, hydroelectric power, concentrated solar power (CSP), wind power and other segments to deliver centrifugally cast parts with high performance characteristics, often at lower costs than forging.

  • Nuclear plants – Valve components, piping for water circulation
  • Gas turbine components using Hastelloy® X and other high temperature alloys
  • Hydro-turbine maintenance – Wicket gate bushings
  • CSP – Highly corrosion resistant pump columns

Reducing Costs and Ensuring Uptime

Spuncast centrifugal castings for turbine components meet the Westinghouse casting specification while saving costs.

Tough parts such as wicket gate bushings can help shorten scheduled downtime for routine hydro-turbine maintenance.


Key Benefits for Demanding Applications

Discover more about centrifugal casting’s advantages for: