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Oil & Gas

Components for the Oil & Gas Industry

Components for the Oil & Gas Industry


Through centrifugal casting, Spuncast provides clean, dense end products that meet the performance demands of a wide range of oil and gas industry applications – often at lower costs than sand cast or forged parts.

Companies across the Oil & Gas industry turn to us for:

  • Sub-sea blowout preventers
  • Ocean bottom cable couplings
  • Hydraulic fracking bore sleeves
  • Flow meter housings
  • Blanks and billets for seamless refinery pipes
  • Piston hydraulic accumulators
  • Other piping and tubing applications

Did you know there’s an alternative to sand cast or forged European 174 Precipitation Hardened (PH) stainless for piston hydraulic accumulators, bore sleeves and other parts?

Made from grade CNE 6mm stainless steel, centrifugally cast ASME-certified 174 PH hydraulic accumulators from Spuncast – at sizes as large as 180 gallon – are typically more reliable than sand cast equivalents and save costs compared to forged parts.


Key Benefits for Demanding Applications

Discover more about centrifugal casting’s advantages for: