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Centrifugal Casting Resources & Research

Centrifugal Casting Resources & Research

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Spuncast brings over three decades of success and leadership in advanced centrifugal casting techniques to support your success in a wide array of applications.

Explore some of our knowledge in the resources below.

Duplex Stainless Steel Alloys

Learn more about specifying robust alloys for centrifugal castings. More

Centrifugal Casting of Hydraulic Accumulators

Many customers have found cost efficiency using centrifugal casting for accumulator bodies. More

Benefits of Centrifugally Cast Hydraulic Cylinders

Discover how the process can help solve your application challenge cost effectively. More


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Benefits of the Centrifugal Casting Process

Centrifugal casting is a viable alternative to hot extruded tubing, forged tubing, rolled and welded tubing. Learn more on how the centrifugal casting process works.