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Our customers depend on us to come through on consistency, superior quality, and on-time delivery across a full range of metal manufacturing capabilities. If you’re looking for a collaborative partnership that infuses the highest degree of integrity into CNC machining, heat treating, centrifugal casting, and metallurgical services, you’re already here.


Heat treating metal.
Spuncast's centrifugal casting machine.

Centrifugal Casting

By combining unmatched metallurgical expertise and refined casting capabilities, Spuncast has debunked the myth that centrifugal casting will never be as good as forging. It’s better. Contrary to their forged counterparts, centrifugally cast products can be poured to exact specifications, making them economical and environmentally kind.

Here’s how it works: Centrifugal casting uses centrifugal force (inertia following a curved path away from the center) to produce cylinders that rival the density, purity, and toughness of their forged equivalents. The process involves pouring molten metal into a rapidly spinning mold cavity. The energy produced from the spinning forces the material to conform to the shape of the mold. The pressure that forms within the casting device drives contaminants to the center, allowing them to be easily removed during the finishing process, resulting in superior strength, purity, and cost-efficiency.

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A spuncast heat treatment method.

Heat Treating

Spuncast’s advanced in-house steel heat treating capabilities are a surefire solution for meeting your product’s exact specifications and exceeding your expectations—all while shortening your supply chain. Our state-of-the-art foundry is equipped with calibrated high-temperature furnaces optimized via SteCal® control software to maximize efficiency and eliminate human error. Plus, with our proprietary quenching process and controlled annealing heat treatment process, you can count on zero part-to-part variation.

Alloys we work with include steels and stainless steels (carbon, low alloy, chrome, austenitic and martensitic, duplex, precipitation hardening), heat-resistant alloys, cobalt-based alloys, nickel-based alloys, super alloys, and other alloys and special irons. From tempering steel to quenching metal, Spuncast melds automation with heat treating expertise to deliver repeatable tensile and grain structure time after time. Partner with Spuncast for your high-temperature metals needs.

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A spuncast employee operating a cnc machine.

CNC Machining

With advanced CNC machining technology, we promise precision and consistency. You can be confident that your products will meet exact specifications, and by automating the process, we are able to maximize efficiency and control cost. Not only will you receive your order on-time, but it will be within budget, too.

We put automation to work. Our advanced CNC capabilities means we eliminate process variation, integrate rapid-fire operations, and create flexibility in the workplace so we have more time for creativity and collaboration with our customers. Are you ready to put precision into overdrive while driving down cost per part? Partner with Spuncast and let’s talk about how our cnc machine tools and skilled operators can boost your business.

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An employee doing metallurgical testing.

Metallurgical Testing

No one does metallurgy like Spuncast, and that’s a fact. We use scientific principles and metallurgical expertise to help our customers determine their exact needs. From analyzing microstructures and macrostructures to solving processing challenges and issues related to centrifugal casting and heat treating, Spuncast offers a dynamic roster of full mechanical and inspection capabilities.

We offer the following metals testing in-house: non-destructive testing (NDT), hardness testing, impact toughness, tensile strength, and other metallurgical analysis. Additionally, we have a strong network of professionals who, if we can’t do it in our own foundry, will partner with us to effectively support your every technical need.

When you need the absolute best quality assurance, talk to one of our metallurgists. We’ll work closely with your engineers to ensure that the integrity of the finished casting meets specifications and exceeds expectations.

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Are you looking for a true partner to help you streamline your supply chain and exceed end user expectations through rapid-fire operations and world-class quality products? Partner with Spuncast today!

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