Products that Perform Under Pressure

Our cast solutions are guaranteed to perform under pressure. And we stand by that one-hundred percent. If your centrifugal casting products aren’t performing as they should, no matter its age, we will fix it or replace it. After all, a partnership with Spuncast doesn’t have an expiration date.

Detailed routings and ISO 9001-2008 procedures allow Spuncast to deliver a defect-free product on time and at a competitive price. Driven by dedicated owner teams, continuous improvement is a Spuncast mindset. We optimize our CAD/CAM tools to minimize engineering time, and all of our team members are cross-trained—which means you don’t have to waste precious time waiting on an answer.


Precision products at Spuncast.
High Velocity Quench System for metal.

Hydraulic Cylinders

With centrifugal casting, precision is poured. You can be confident that your cylinder will be a formidable piece of steel free of impurities that will perform in your operations. Spuncast’s proprietary High Velocity Quench System is designed specifically for tubular parts; it sends a rapid stream of quench fluid through the bore of the casting, while simultaneously quenching the outside diameter with high volumes of fluid. The result: Severe service applications, such as hydraulic cylinders, are produced with virtually no part-to-part variation.

When it comes to hydraulic cylinders, our catalog of capabilities is diverse, including but not limited to: mining truck struts, telescoping cylinders, scrap metal processing shears, and in-process components that demand ultimate performance. We can pour up to an 11,000-lb. casting and hone up to a 26” ID in surface finishes between 0-16 RMS. We can also hold .003” in the ID for over 20 feet with uniform wall thickness.

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centrifugal casting for hydraulic accumulators.

Hydraulic Accumulators

For over a decade, Spuncast has been manufacturing and selling hydraulic accumulator bodies to manufacturers of piston accumulators.

Our customers’ applications have tapped into many opportunities of centrifugal casting for hydraulic accumulators. From Navy submarines and surface ships to energy storage and actuation on offshore oil platforms, wind turbines, and more, our metallurgical expertise and ability to wield the power of centrifugal casting allows us to achieve excellent mechanical properties, corrosion resistance, and tight dimensional and surface control—all with a high degree of repeatability.

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Industrial roll bodies inside the spuncast warehouse.

Industrial Roll Bodies

When it comes to industrial roll bodies, centrifugal castings are an obvious fit due to the fact that they are formed round, concentric and free from mid-wall voids. Centrifugal force assures uniform wall thickness and extremely close concentricity that can be further enhanced by surface machining without compromising the integrity of the metal.

Our proven processes—when melded with heat/wear/corrosion-resistant alloys—yield products that are smooth, defect-free, and poured to precision. We pour roll bodies up to 12,000 pounds and 300 inches in length for: continuous casters, transfer tables, and heat treat furnaces. Spuncast’s alloy flexibility along with captive heat-treat and machining allow us to explore value-add opportunities for our customers.

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