Centrifugal Casting at Spuncast

Centrifugal casting is a metal casting process that produces a very high quality product. Spin casting fills any shrinkage voids under high pressure from centrifugal force. Slag, dirt and drops, being of lower densities than the metals, spin to the core or center. The results are:

  • Very Clean
  • Very Dense
  • Very Uniform

Spuncast’s Centrifugal Casting Process

Centrifugal Casting has been around a long time… but it’s a very unique process. Starting with a rotating die, liquid metal is introduced into the die. Because the die is rotating, the g-forces drive the liquid metal against the die walls, which simultaneously begins to freeze the castings from the outside in. The finished casting is:

  • Completely Uniform – 360 degrees
  • Extemely Consistent throughout

Once the casting is complete, the tubes are machined to remove impurities that have spun to the center during the casting process. Our full-service, captive machining operation offers both rough and tight tolerance finish machining.

At Spuncast, we use our metallurgical expertise to partner with customers to improve products and processes. We gauge our success by our ability to contribute to each customer’s success.

The Spuncast name is recognized as an industry leader in the field of spin cast manufacturing, which was earned by our on-going commitment to quality and superior customer service. Solutions are what customers want and we deliver solutions on time, every time. That’s what keeps customers coming back for more and brings new customers in the door.


The Centrifugal Casting Process
Highlights key considerations of centrifugal casting: virtually shrinkage-free, secondary refining and OEM applications.