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Why Spuncast

How Spuncast Makes Your Job Easier

How Spuncast Makes Your Job Easier


Ask any of our longtime customers. For stainless steel tubing and other centrifugally cast components, Spuncast delivers the greatest overall value: castings that are up to the toughest jobs, and a manufacturing partner who provides consistency, integrity and complete confidence, time after time.

You’ll find we’re always accessible to your team, solving problems quickly and keeping in constant contact along the way. In the process, we help simplify your complex challenges.

3 Pillars of Spuncast’s Consistency and Integrity

  • Products. Customers know they can count on the quality, performance characteristics and on-time delivery of steel and stainless steel tubing and other castings from the first to the last component needed.
  • Processes. Accurate forecasting, careful planning, precise execution and rigorous quality control standards are some of the ways our lean operation delivers time after time.
  • People. From leadership on down, Spuncast’s deeply experienced employees communicate honestly and openly, deliver on every promise and go to great lengths to produce satisfaction. Discover more about why Spuncast is a smart choice for your casting needs.

Centrifugal Casting Facility

Discover a high-efficiency operation in a specialized field that meets exacting needs. More

ISO 9001:2008 Quality Castings

A certified, Six Sigma driven quality system backs everything we do for you. More

Metallurgical Lab Expertise

Scientific knowhow supports optimal results in your application. More


Is Centrifugal Casting Right for Your Application?

This process uses centrifugal force to produce cylinders that rival the density, purity and toughness of their forged equivalents – likely with shorter lead times and lower total costs, as well. Learn more about this capability. More