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Centrifugal Casting Facility

Apply the Expertise of Our Casting Facility

Apply the Expertise of Our Casting Facility


Nearly four decades of success and leadership in advanced metal casting techniques help drive Spuncast’s reliability and value for customers in a wide array of demanding markets.

Our ISO 9001:2008 certified centrifugal casting facility is designed for highly efficient, fully engineered processes, plus well-defined and tested procedures managed through computerized inventory control and design software.

Ensuring Quality in the Process, Not the Inspection

At Spuncast, we believe strongly that quality should be embedded throughout our operation, not just a single department. Getting a product right the first time saves time and money and improves the final outcome.

Coupled with our seasoned engineering talent, carefully refined processes and advanced equipment, SPC data feedback gives our skilled staff the power to maximize process precision and drive continuous improvement. The result: on-time delivery of competitively priced, defect-free metal castings to your specs. Every time.

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Key Benefits for Demanding Applications

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