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Metallurgical Testing

Optimal Results through Metallurgical Expertise

Optimal Results through Metallurgical Expertise


Partnering with Spuncast means accessing metallurgical expertise that helps optimize every process and product to advance your specific needs. We work closely with your engineers’ casting specifications and application needs to ensure that the quality of the finished casting meets your expectations.

Solving Problems and Refining Processes

With over 38 years of foundry and metallurgical experience, Spuncast has developed considerable expertise in metallurgical testing methods for analyzing microstructures and process issues related to centrifugal castings and heat treatments.

Our engineers and foundry operators have also forged their skills into a strong team that joins their knowledge and expertise to ensure performance, quality and adherence to each project’s metallurgical and process specifications. From casting alloys and stainless steels to nickel and cobalt alloys, plus melting, refining and heat treating, you can count on us for insights that uncover the right results for your application.

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Learn More about Centrifugal Casting

Centrifugal force helps produce cylinders that rival the density, purity and toughness of their forged equivalents – likely with shorter lead times and lower total costs, as well.

See how we apply our metallurgical science expertise to this unique process step by step to produce high-quality results for your application. More