CNC Machining

Custom, automated processes for a machine finish with precise results

We put automation to work. Our advanced CNC capabilities eliminate process variation, integrate rapid-fire operations, and create flexibility, so we have more time for creativity and collaboration with our customers.

From a single prototype design to high-production end parts, our services will help you compete by producing high-quality products using cost-saving machining solutions.

Full-service, advanced CNC machining operations for your tubing components

We offer turning, boring, honing, and milling machining processes that deliver accuracy and consistency to every centrifugal casting project.

Because our centrifugal casting foundry houses advanced CNC machining technologies, our expert engineers can apply special consideration for metal tubing components and provide:

  1. Long Single Pass Capabilities – We offer the rare ability to machine inner diameters up to 20 feet long with a single pass on a boring machine.
  2. Exceptional Turn Lengths – From 6″ to larger ID surfaces up to a 20-foot length, we turn any outer dimension (OD) that we cast.
  3. Instant Data CaptureOur systems electronically capture each job’s operator-generated SPC data, essential in evaluating overall quality. 
A precise machine at Spuncast.
Our in-house control over the CNC machining functions ensures optimum quality and delivery

A precision integrated machine finish

With CNC machining, you can remove large amounts of metal fast but also selectively remove an exact amount to produce a near-final shape. Using CNC machining rather than manual machining for your products has many advantages because it:

  • Requires fewer steps to deliver far more complex parts, resulting in higher efficiency
  • Creates scalable components accurately from volumes of one to thousands
  • Applies precise functionality to your design using sophisticated CAD software
  • Eliminates unnecessary waste by reducing errors in the manufacturing process 

From simple to complex, Spuncast CNC machining services will create an exceptional finish every time.

Find out why Spuncast is the right choice for your CNC machining needs.

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