Metallurgical Testing

Structural and chemical testing that helps avoid the risk of component failure

We understand the possible changes and deteriorations that can occur within a material’s properties connected to your industrial processes.

Our metallurgy experts can carry out structural and chemical testing to determine your exact needs and help you avoid the risk of a component failure.

In-house metal testing capabilities

The team will work closely with your engineers to ensure that the integrity of the finished centrifugal casting meets specifications and exceeds expectations by offering the following:

Chemical Analysis 

  • Material verification or identification
  • Contaminant detection & residue analysis
  • Chemical composition analysis

Mechanical Property Testing 

  • Tensile, Yield, Elongation, and Reduction of Area testing
  • Charpy testing
  • Hardness testing

Micro/Macro Structure Analysis 

  • Properties & characteristics
  • Grain size and structure
  • Corrosion resistance

Additionally, if we can’t perform a particular test in our lab, we have a strong network of professional partnerships to support your every technical need effectively. 

Our onsite metallurgical lab ensures wide-ranging performance and quality standards

Our accredited lab meets the highly respected requirements of the ISO 9001 Standard. That means that our centrifugal casting foundry is committed to total quality management and focus on:

  1. Faster Turnaround – Your material is tested and analyzed during the manufacturing process resulting in quicker results.
  2. Custom Solutions – Our experts work with you to create unique metal compositions and flexible processes that respond to your changing needs. 
  3. Reliable Results – We provide accurate, timely results based on over 45 years of materials testing and analytical services experience.
  4. Meet OEM Specifications – We’ll test your used parts and meet the exact specifications needed for replacements.

Learn how our onsite metal testing capabilities will save you considerable time and costs on your next critical project.

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