Foundry-to-Factory Shipping

Faster, Safer, and More Cost-Effective Than Handling the Shipping Yourself

Foundry-to-Factory shipping takes the hassle of shipping off your plate. It’s a complete approach to transporting your stainless steel tube products from our shop to yours.

Are you experiencing any of the following shipping problems?

Spuncast Foundry-to-Factory shipping eliminates the headaches

Our shipping program is a foundry managed solution that gets your order to you quickly and often cheaper. It includes everything from packaging to loading to delivery. Here’s how it works:

  • Spuncast coordinates shipments with our network of carriers, so your load travels with other orders, ensuring bulk pricing and a better deal.

  • Spuncast negotiates any pricing changes that might arise with the carrier before shipment and then provides you with the negotiated price.

  • Spuncast protects your tubes with the latest packaging and stacks them safely on a flatbed truck, working with the driver, so damage is avoided.

  • Spuncast deals with any shipping issues, including claims. You won’t have to do anything and will receive a replacement immediately.

  • Spuncast invoices shipping with your order, so you pay them at the same time and with the same terms – not in the 7 days carriers require.

So let’s see how that compares to you managing your shipping:


When you handle shipping

When Spuncast handles shipping


Your rates fluctuate widely depending on markets, fuel surcharges, and labor costs.

Our prepaid and add payment assures set pricing, often at a better rate due to our consolidated shipments.

Payment terms

Your carriers often demand payment within 7 to 15 days of delivery.

Our shipping payment terms mirror  your net monthly account terms (typically 60 days) and can be paid with your invoice. 

Delivery times

Your deliveries are often delayed or slowed by rigid pickups, drop-offs and trucks waiting on full loads.

Our in-house shipping team gives us more control over scheduling and prioritizing shipments.

Delivery Quality

Your shipment is more likely to be damaged when inexperienced drivers load the hollow steel tubes.

We know how to properly prepare, package, and stack stainless steel tubes on a flatbed truck to prevent damage.


Your time is wasted filling out claim forms and from long delays for replacements (at your expense).

We take care of the claim for you, replace the part, and ship it to you as soon as possible. 

Global Shipments

Your lack of Customs experience can result in lost products, fines, or other penalties.

We know the ins-and-outs of Customs paperwork and handle it for you. No need to face an unfriendly port authority.


While the savings is just an estimate, typically, Spuncast customers see up to a 25% reduction in freight costs.

We keep your shipping costs under control by constantly monitoring the current carrier rates and consolidating orders so you won’t incur unnecessary costs.

The proximity to shipping lanes, ports, and rail systems is another way that costs are lower with Spuncast. Our central shipping location reduces mileage and allows for more affordable transport options.

When you use our shipping services, you benefit from prepaid and add stability, meaning your shipping costs are locked in when invoiced. And your shipping payment is due at the same time as your order.

So if you have a net 30, 60, or 90-day Spuncast customer payment arrangement, that will also apply to your shipping costs. Traditional LTL carriers ask for payment in 7 to 15 days.

If you choose to use freight collect delivery for your shipping, you pay the carrier directly and arrange all the details, including scheduling the pickup, loading, and drop off of your tube product. You are also responsible for any liability issues resulting in claims processing and replacing the damaged or lost part. 

Spuncast’s Foundry-to-Factory shipping uses prepaid and add delivery terms, which means you pay us for shipping at the same time you pay for your product. And we handle the shipment of your product from beginning to end.

If anything happens during delivery resulting in a damaged product, we replace it immediately and take care of the claim ourselves. 

What was a good arrangement for shipping stainless steel tubes at the beginning may now cost you time and money. At the very least, it’s worth looking at how much of your time is spent on your current shipping process and how much you could save on switching to Spuncast foundry-to-factory shipping.

Choosing quality shipping over price is the best way to avoid claims in the first place. But if there are any problems, we replace the part and ship it to you, all while we’re making a claim against the trucking company, which can sometimes take months.

Shipping tubes internationally often includes the knowledge and specialized skills for some or all of the following:

  • Choosing transport type (air, sea, or ground)
  • Meeting customs requirements
  • Completing all the appropriate forms
  • Additional fees and taxes
  • Transferring from one carrier to another

You can expect our team to carefully prepare and package your tube product using the most appropriate packing materials available. But our team’s expertise doesn’t stop there. They know how to stack and secure an entire load of tubes on a flatbed truck, so there is no movement, no damage, and your product gets to you safely.

See how Foundry-to-Factory rates compare to your current shipping costs. Contact us to request a free shipping consultation.

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