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We believe that every challenge has a perfect solution; it just hasn’t been poured yet. At Spuncast, we are committed to pushing our customers’ businesses forward by producing premium, specialty steel that can be created to exact specifications.

Everyone at Spuncast has a comprehensive understanding of our operations. It’s a key piece to how we provide unrivaled service and responsiveness to our customers. Ask us to solve any challenge, and we’ll never tell you we can’t do it. Instead, we’ll leverage our industry expertise, CNC technology, centrifugal casting capabilities, and strong supply chain to see how we can achieve it together.


Two employees working on an engineering diagram.
Three employees working with metal in the foundry.


While our focus is exclusively on specialty steel, our catalog of capabilities within that specific realm is as diverse as our customers. Spuncast is a top-tier partner in centrifugal casting, heat treatment methods, CNC manufacturing, expert metallurgical services, and more.

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A precise machine at Spuncast.


With automation integrated into our iron-clad operations, we make premium products with extreme levels of repeatability. We empower our customers to know that you don’t just have to go to your distributor and purchase whatever exists. From hydraulic cylinders to accumulators, industrial centrifugal pumps, and more, our tubes are made to fit into your unique equipment.

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A lift machine in Spuncast's warehouse.


If you’re not moving forward, you’re sliding backward. Serving some of the world’s toughest industries to include oil and gas, mining, renewable energy, water treatment, high temp glass suppliers, and other emerging technologies, Spuncast delivers premium quality specialty steel with short lead times and superior service to continually push our customers ahead of the curve.

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Are you looking for an above-standard solution with innovation baked into its operations? Contact any Spuncast team member and we’ll see how we can move forward together.

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