Spuncast Serves the World’s Toughest Industries

When your business demands high-caliber performance, you need a centrifugal casting partner who’s going to show up—and come through. Spuncast is a full-service centrifugal foundry that manufactures hydraulic cylinders, accumulators, and roll bodies for industries that never quit, like oil and gas, water treatment, glass, consumer goods, and more.

Whatever your industry, Spuncast is up for the challenge. We’ve got the metal casting supplies, the drive, and the on-the-ground-knowledge to help you achieve operational excellence.


Spuncast works in many industries.
An oil pump.

Oil & Gas

Through centrifugal casting, Spuncast provides clean, dense, ASME-certified stainless steel tubing that meets the performance demands of a wide range of oil and gas industry applications—often at lower costs than sand cast or forged parts.

Spuncast products that live in the Oil & Gas industry include:

  • Sub-sea blowout preventers
  • Hydraulic fracking bore sleeves
  • Industrial centrifugal pumps
  • Piston hydraulic accumulators
  • Other centrifugal casting products

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An aerial view of a wastewater treatment plant.

Water & Water Treatment

Centrifugal casting produces parts for centrifuges that are higher quality and of optimal dimensional stability. This enables the centrifuge to safely run at higher speeds, maximizing efficiency and performance of the machine.

Compared to components that are rolled, forged or produced in an alternative way, the centrifugal casting process creates overall superior parts, which results in superior machines. Want to maximize your water treatment operations?

Spuncast can manufacture small quantities of the following parts:

  • Decanter centrifuge components
  • Flow meters in wastewater treatment
  • Industrial centrifugal pumps
  • Corrosion resistant sump pump

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A gas turbine electrical power plant.

Energy & Power Generation

Spuncast powers up your operations. We work with companies in conventional coal-fired power, hydroelectric power, concentrated solar power (CSP), wind power and other segments to deliver centrifugally cast parts with high performance characteristics, often at lower costs than forging.

Sustainability is important to us. Not just in terms of sustaining our customers’ businesses, but in forging a safe, clean future. We are proud to produce centrifugally cast parts that become power sources for renewable energy such as wind turbines and solar glass panels. And with centrifugal casting, there’s no waste. Your products are poured to exact specifications.

What we make:

  • Valve components
  • Gas turbine components using Hastelloy® X and other high-temp alloys
  • Wicket gate bushings for hydro-turbine maintenance
  • Corrosion resistant pump columns

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A mining dump truck.


When it comes to one of the toughest industries on the planet, safety is paramount. Our mining customers turn to Spuncast for the most durable, dependable centrifugally cast components in mining, crushing, and mineral processing applications. We work with leading OEM companies specializing in surface and underground mining, rock crushing, and ore processing equipment to deliver high-caliber parts critical to mining operations.

Our metallurgical expertise and heat treatment capabilities combine to make some of the most enduring centrifugally cast products for the mining industry:

  • High-strength, low-alloy hydraulic cylinders for off-highway mining trucks, loaders, excavators, and other mobile equipment
  • Primary gyratory crusher bushings cast from high chrome steel for unrivaled longevity
  • Heavy-duty chain link bushings produced in high chromium or chromium-molybdenum white iron for optimal wear resistance

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A stack of steel pipes.


Our proprietary C-5 alloy combines toughness with flexibility. Designed to imitate titanium’s lightweight and high strength credentials, it’s optimized for heavy lifting, wear resistance, and quite simply, it endures. You’ve never seen anything perform like this. Integrate it into your cold mills, hot mills, and galvanized mills, and watch your production skyrocket.

Key benefits of this specialized steel include:

  • Increased longevity
  • Heat and wear resistant
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Enhanced general use cases

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The inside of a glass factory.


When glass mill roll builders need a proven heat-resistant glass mill roll, the solution is Spuncast. Our glass mill rolls combine lengths and dimensional stability with high heat-resistant stainless steel to develop solutions that enable fine reduction of an array of solids with an efficient once-through milling action that effectively controls the particle size. This minimizes dust while protecting the integrity of the material. Unique alloys perform under pressure in the most demanding temperature conditions—is 2,200°F (1,200°C) hot enough for you?

Leading manufacturers enhance their operations with our glass mill rolls. Key factors include:

  • Incredible heat resistance
  • Stability
  • Longevity

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A military tank.


If there’s one industry where toughness is critical: it’s defense. Spuncast centrifugal casting solutions produce high-caliber components for use in missiles and weaponry, naval vessels, ground vehicles, and more. Our custom solutions exceed applicable NAVAIR, MIL and AMS standards, and our expert metallurgists and casters are able to achieve exacting MIL-STV-45208 and MIL-STD-45208 quality standards, as well as MIL-H-6875 heat treat standard.

The world’s elite manufacturers of equipment for defense applications count on Spuncast for the highest quality centrifugally cast parts used in:

  • Track vehicles – wear resistant plates for road wheels
  • Submarines – hatch components and hydraulic accumulator bodies
  • Surface ships – hydraulic cylinders that meet NAVSEA regulations

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Spuncast creates high quality consumer products.


Spuncast’s focus on high-quality specialty steel can enhance any industry in the consumer market. We are committed to exploring emerging technologies such as making extracting equipment for the CBD industry, and other processes that demand high-pressure machining including pharmaceuticals and other consumer products. If you’re interested in enhancing your operational efficiency, we are always ready to collaborate.

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Whether you’re looking to streamline your supply chain, maximize efficiency, or deliver world-class quality to your customers, the solution is Spuncast. Partner with us to ignite opportunities in your industry.

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